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If you're here, that probably means you're engaged and in the planning phases. If that's the case, I'm ecstatic for you! As a former teacher, my goal as a photographer is to share all of my expert advice I've learned. My blogs are packed with helpful tips that is aimed to assist you throughout the entire process of your wedding planning.

Legion of Honor Elopement

In the heart of San Francisco, where the fog-kissed air meets neoclassical elegance, Suzanna and Max embarked on a love story for the ages at the iconic Legion of Honor.

Close-up shot of the couple's intertwined hands, showcasing the delicate details of their rings against the Legion of Honor's stone architecture, softened by the surrounding fog.
Happy couple enjoying a scenic day at Rodeo Beach, with waves crashing in the background, surrounded by the rugged beauty of the coastline.

Rodeo Beach Engagement Shoot

In this blog post, join us as we delve into the magic of a Rodeo Beach engagement shoot – where love meets the sea, and every photograph tells a tale of romance etched into the sands of time.