Top 6 San Franciso Elopement Locations

Couple walking and talking while holding hands at Legion of Honor Museum

You’ve decided to elope in San Francisco (great choice by the way), and now you need to pick a location! There are so many stunning spots to choose from. From ocean views, to grand architecture, we’ve got almost everything. To help you narrow down the list, I’ve got my top 6 San Francisco elopement locations right here for you.

Elopement Location 1 : Legion of Honor

First up on my list of San Franciso elopement locations is Legion of honor. The perfect spot for art lovers to say their vows! Legion of Honor offers a ton of beautiful spots to tuck away and elope. With stunning views, grand marble architecture, and countless priceless art pieces, it’s easy to picture an elopement here. The creamy colors and warm tones will make you feel like you flew to Europe. After you get hitched, head on into the museum so a one-of-kind elopement for the true art lover.

From the lawn, to the Court of Honor, to the entire building, the Legion of Honor is a great choice for your elopement. Learn more about using their space HERE.

Elopement Couple exchanging neck kisses at Legion of Honor
Newly married couple leaving wedding at Legion of Honor. Groom is happily carrying bride away
Couple laughing in wedding attire at Legion Of Honor Museum in San Franciso, California

Elopement Location 2 : San Francisco City Hall

A San Francisco elopement location guide would be incomplete without the STUNNING San Francisco city hall. This isn’t the one story, industrial looking building you might be imagining. This historic building was constructed after the original city hall was destroyed in the Great Earthquake and Fire of 1906. The current building took two years to complete. It is built from steel, granite, and marble, because these symbolize the resilience of the city. Couples from around the world travel here for their elopement or wedding, with spectacular results each time. It’s grand staircases and expansive rooms just scratch the surface of the beauty it offers.

Most importantly, be aware that you will need a permit to elope in this gorgeous stop. To find more information about getting hitched at city hall right HERE.

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Elopement Location 3 : Sutro Baths & Lands End

This spot gets you a three-in-one for the couple that just can’t make a decision between beach, mountains, and forest. Start your elopement at the baths, wander down the trail through coastal forest, and end your day with a picnic on the beach. As part of the Golden Gate National Park, there is a ton to explore when you choose to elope here. Additionally, this means you’ll need a special use permit, even for an elopement. Learn more about what you need HERE.

Elopement Location 4 : Ocean Beach & Dutch Windmill

Another great option for couples who want it all! These locations are within walking distance: therefore, you don’t have to choose between beach views and greenery. Hold your ceremony in front of the windmills for a super unique elopement, and head down to the beach for some classic bay area beach photos.

Elopement Location 5 : Palace of Fine Arts

Add this one high on the list if getting married in front of outrageously beautiful architecture is important to you. A popular spot for events of all types, there are a ton of great spots to choose from for your ceremony. From the massive pond, to the greek pillars and arches, this spot will have your jaw dropping. A bride in an ethereal, flowing dress will feel right at home here among the marble.

Proposal at Palace of Fine Arts

Elopement Location 6: Lovers’ Lane Trail

Is there a more appropriate spot for an elopement than a literal Lovers’ Lane? The trail is short, easy and covered in trees and greenery. It’s great for couples who want to feel like they are getting away, without going too far. Check out the impressive Wood Line art installation, and breathe deep in the eucalyptus forest. A more calming elopement doesn’t exist. Additionally, this trail is conveniently located near tons of dining options !This makes it a great location if you are wanting to stop for food before or after!

As you can see, there is no shortage of amazing San Francisco elopement locations. This is far from all of them! But each of these spots is sure to please if you choose to say your vows there. Which one is your favorite? Let me know in the comments!

Conclusion – Thank you!

In conclusion, there are many San Franciso elopement locations and any of these locations would be absolutely amazing. My hope for this guide is that I can help you narrow down on all your choices for locations. I really appreciate you taking the time to read this – it means to much to me!

Are you interested in making your elopement as private as possible? Get your photographer and officiant in one! I am an ordained minister with the Universal Life Church. I can make your marriage official, and take stunning photos of your elopement at the same time, no matter what location you choose. Additionally, you won’t need anyone else there, making your elopement as private as possible.

Whether you choose one of these elopement locations in San Franciso or another amazing one, I would be honored to help document your big day. Click HERE to learn more about my elopement photography services, and HERE to get in touch!

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