First Look : Why you should consider one

Deciding whether or not to have a first look on your wedding day is a decision that many couples toil over. As a wedding and elopement photographer, I always encourage it. I’ve yet to meet a couple that regrets having one, and I’ve met many that wish they had. If you’re struggling to decide if it’s right for you, here are a few reasons you should absolutely have a first look. 

First looks decrease timeline stress

Logistically a first look makes sense for many reasons. Once you’ve done a first look you don’t have to worry about the bride and groom avoiding each other. Everyone can move about the venue a lot more freely. Additionally, you can get a ton of photos out of the way before the ceremony, like formals and any wedding party photos. This means you get to go straight to partying after the ceremony. A first look helps front load your wedding day a little bit. It adds in more flexibility for events to be moved around if needed. 

To learn more about how to structure a timeline to perfectly fit your wedding, and include a first look, click here (hyperlink to timeline creation post). 

First looks allow for a vulnerable reaction 

Whether you are getting married in front of  five people or fifty, the first moment you see your new spouse all ready is very emotional. For a lot of couples, it can be a lot easier and more comfortable to have that moment privately. It creates space to  react freely and feel all of the emotions that come up. Give yourself the time and space to react without holding back, without worrying about other people watching.

First looks settle your nerves

Speaking of those emotions, your wedding day is nerve wracking! Your partner is likely your safe person, the person that calms you down. Being forced to wait to have a moment with them until after your ceremony can create a lot of unnecessary stress for some couples. A first look is a great opportunity to rest with each other in a moment when you really need it. It gives you a great opportunity to head into your wedding with excitement and anticipation over anything else. 

First looks get more portraits!

First look photos can’t be beat. They are the singular reason a lot of couples choose a first look. I don’t blame you if they are the only reason you want to do one. These photos are often raw, vulnerable, and beautiful. When you have the benefits listed above, like decreased nerves, and the space for a real emotive reaction, you get raw and authentic photos of an incredibly important moment on your wedding day. Not to mention the added bonus of more  photos of the two of you on your day. 

If you are considering a first look, just go for it! The only argument couples tend to have is not wanting to miss out on the breathtaking emotion of seeing each other at the altar, but a first look doesn’t take away from that. Instead, it adds to it. A first look removes the anxiety and adds anticipation. It takes away fear and adds excitement.

The photos you see in this post are examples of first looks from couples that have chosen to have one. If you love what you see, we need to talk. Get in touch with me here, and learn more about my services here

Ashlynn Shelby

June 20, 2022

Hi! I'm Ashlynn. When you choose me as your photographer, I promise to extend everything I have into your experience and your photos. You deserve the best experience possible and that's what I plan on providing.
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