Rocky Mountain National Park Engagement Shoot

A loving couple embraces in a winter wonderland at Rocky Mountain National Park, surrounded by pristine snow-covered landscapes and majestic snow-capped peaks

Rocky Mountain National Park Engagement Shoot

Christina and Jack recently moved to the beautiful state of Colorado. They wanted to do their engagement shoot at Rocky Mountain National Park. After some research and planning, we decided on Dream Lake. On this particular day in April, we were met with a lot of snow and I mean A LOT. We ended up having to switch up locations since it was increasingly difficult to get to the original location due to weather conditions. We thought on our feet and ended up going to a trial near by and the views were incredible!

To check current road conditions at Rocky Mountain National Park, click HERE.

About the couple

I met Christina and Jack at another wedding( shout out to Annie & Ollie) I was photographing. Christina was actually the officiant – so cool! We really hit it off and had so much in common, including our shared love for Taylor Swift. Christina and Jack ended up booking me for their gorgeous wedding in Santa Clara, California. They got married at The Mission at Santa Clara University. They both attended college there and that is actually how they met. How amazing is that? I love that their wedding venue holds so much significance to them and their relationship.

You can check out their beautiful wedding photos HERE.

When to take Rocky Mountain National Park Engagement Shoot

Rocky Mountain National Park is absolutely jaw dropping all year round. Between Dream Lake, Alberta Falls, Bear Lake, 3m Curve and so many more iconic locations, you definitely won’t have any difficulty finding a beautiful backdrop for your engagement shoot.

Due to the popularity of this park, you can imagine it gets pretty crowded during peak times. I highly recommend going for sunrise to avoid crowds. Additionally, try going on a week day to have a more intimate engagement shoot. To get the most desirable weather, I’d recommend visiting the park during May, June, July, August, and September. However, the park is still beautiful year round!

Tips for a Snowy Engagement Shoot

If you are wanting a snowing engagement shoot like Christina and Jack had, it is so important to make sure you are approiately prepared for the weather. Here are some of my biggest tips.

Dress accordingly for the weather.

I highly recommend wearing multiple layers. Additionally, look into wearing thermal under garments or fleece lined tights. I always bring a big puffer jacket to keep me warm. This (click to see) is my go to puffer for winter engagement shoots.

Wear shoes you can walk in

Look into shoes that you can hike in. It is so important that you can be comfortable and safe. I wear these shoes (click to see) from Bear Paw to most of my adventure sessions. They are all weather shoes so they keep my feet dry. They also have really good grip so I don’t slip.

Bring hand warmers and a heated jacket

I always bring hand warmers to my winter engagement shoots. They are so convenient because they fit easily into pockets and keep my hands nice and warm. These are the hand warmers (click to see) I use. You can find them at any outdoor store, Amazon and usually Walmart as well.

Recently, I’ve discovered that heated jackets are a thing. Who knew? While I don’t personally have one, I have heard that this one from Amazon works (click to see) wonders. Again, you could probably find this at an outdoor store near you instead of ordering online.

Bring a blanket to cover up in

A blanket is really nice to have in between shots to keep you warm. Sometimes I even include it in the shots if it matches the aesthetic my couples are going for. Plus, if you want any shots sitting down, you can use the blanket to sit on so you don’t get wet from the ground.

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February 1, 2024

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