3 reasons why you should consider a private last dance

Today I want to talk to you all about the 3 reasons I believe you should consider having a private last dance! There are so many new trends and terms when it comes to weddings that you may not have even heard of a private last dance. If you haven’t, allow me to introduce it. 

A private last dance is where all of your guests, including your wedding party and family members, clear out of your reception and allow you and your spouse a moment on the dance floor all to yourself! The private last dance is one of the last moments of your whole wedding day so it really allows you to soak everything in together. Do I have you intrigued yet? Ok great, keep reading!

1. Less pressure 

If you are one of those people who hates being the center of attention, a private last dance is perfect for you! It will truly just be you and your spouse (ok, plus wedding vendors) in the room, enjoying the end of your wedding day together. There’s less pressure to be talking with everyone, running around, and hurrying out of your reception. Wedding days absolutely fly by and before you know it, you’ll already be at the end of the night! It’s a time to leave any stress behind you and just have a calm final moment with your spouse where you can dance and say “Holy cow, we’re MARRIED!!!!”

2. Amazing memories 

And by memories, I mean photos and video! You’ll want to keep your photographer and videographer (if you have one) around for this private last dance. We always keep to the side so you don’t even notice us, but you’ll have absolutely beautiful memories captured in the photos from this dance! There is no crowd around and you’ll get to have some stunning photos captured of the two of you on an empty dance floor. Want to see some of my private dance photos? Check out this recent gallery HERE!

3. Something just for you 

As much as we tell couples to have the wedding of their dreams, often couples still do things to please those around them on their wedding day. This is totally understandable but I want you to have pieces throughout your wedding day that are JUST for you and your spouse! This dance is a way to end the night with something that’s just for you. Now this doesn’t mean that you can’t do a special dance in front of your guests also! You can still do the first dance and any other formal dances like the father/daughter dance! That way your guests can enjoy those moments with you while you still get that special solo moment during a last dance. 


If you decide that a private last dance is something you’d like to do, I recommend setting up a time with your venue and DJ to clear out the building! That way you can ensure that everyone will be heading outside at the same time. This is where doing a grand exit can also come in! While you and your spouse are enjoying your private last dance, your guests can be lining up outside with sparklers, confetti, or anything else to cheer you on as you leave your reception! 

I hope I convinced you that a private last dance is a great way to end your wedding night! You spend so much time and energy planning your wedding day, that you deserve to soak up every single special moment of the night! If you have any questions about coordinating a private last dance, reach out to me HERE. I’d be happy to help! 


Ashlynn Shelby

June 7, 2023

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