Lost Gulch Engagement Shoot

Adventurous couple embracing at Lost Gulch Overlook in Colorado, surrounded by stunning mountain vistas.

I love sharing different venues with you all, but I get just as excited about outdoor locations that would be perfect for your engagement session or elopement! I recently did a Lost Gulch engagement shoot in Boulder, CO and knew I had to share this spot with you all. 

Logistics for Lost Gulch

This location has an epic overlook which makes it such a popular spot for photos. There are rocky cliffs and boulders that you can stand on that overlook mountains and trees for as far as you can see. When you think of “epic/adventurous/outdoorsy” elopements or sessions, this is the type of location that I guarantee comes to mind! Bonus: it’s not a far walk at all from the parking lot. Whether you like adventure or just enjoy good views, when you are dressed in more formal attire it’s nice not to have to walk so far for photos. 

If you are thinking about a beautiful overlook for your next session or elopement, and are game for a little adventure, then let’s go to Lost Gulch! It’s located outside of Boulder, CO and has a nice GPS location so it’s easy to get to the parking area. Make sure to drive nice and slow getting there, because it’s a windy road with a lot of sharp curves. Once you get to the parking area, there are parking fees if your car isn’t registered in Boulder County. You can pay online or in cash when you get there. 

Permits for Lost Gulch

As with many popular outdoor locations, you do need a photo permit to have a session or elopement at Lost Gulch. When it comes to professional photography, more often than not you do need to have proper permits because you are paying for the service. You can apply for your permit online here

If you decide that you want to plan an elopement here, there are specific rules that you will need to follow including, no decorations, the number of people included, no drones, etc. To view a full list of guidelines you can head here

Best Time to go for photos

I definitely recommend doing your session during sunset because the perfect glowy light hits here, however it is a busy location at sunset time. If you want to try for a slower time, you could plan to do a weeknight session or elopement or be the early bird and do sunrise! We went during sunset on a week day for these photos. If you’d like to view more from this beautiful gallery, you can check it out HERE

Let’s get you booked!

When it comes to planning a session here, I am happy to help with any guidance from outfits to the time of day! I can also help you with securing the permits if you have questions. I love getting to take clients to amazing locations, whether for your wedding day or other special photos. If you have another location in mind in any state, send me a message and let’s talk about making it happen! I am always up for a little adventure.

Ashlynn Shelby

July 31, 2023

Hi! I'm Ashlynn. When you choose me as your photographer, I promise to extend everything I have into your experience and your photos. You deserve the best experience possible and that's what I plan on providing.
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