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If you're here, that probably means you're engaged and in the planning phases. If that's the case, I'm ecstatic for you! As a former teacher, my goal as a photographer is to share all of my expert advice I've learned. My blogs are packed with helpful tips that is aimed to assist you throughout the entire process of your wedding planning.

Rocky Mountain National Park Engagement Shoot

Rocky Mountain National Park is absolutely jaw dropping all year round. It is the perfect place for your engagement shoot.

A loving couple embraces in a winter wonderland at Rocky Mountain National Park, surrounded by pristine snow-covered landscapes and majestic snow-capped peaks
Adventurous couple embracing at Lost Gulch Overlook in Colorado, surrounded by stunning mountain vistas.

Lost Gulch Engagement Shoot

Join us on this blog journey as we share the story of a Lost Gulch engagement shoot, where love, nature, and photography intertwine to create timeless moments etched into the mountainous landscapes of Colorado.